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Who We Are

Every day, millions of packages and pieces of freight are shipped across the world – but only one is important: Yours. As the daily demands of business and the pace of competition continue increasing, you need a logistics partner who can keep up with the times. The answer is Superior Postal Connect. Whether you are shipping your first freight load or your one-thousandth, we provide superior air freight, air charter, and ground expedited freight services throughout the world. Superior Postal Connect  specializes in air freight, warehousing, ocean/sea freight, road freight pet shipping expedited delivery services. Hence, we handle your freight shipment through the entire logistics chain – from the first mile to the last mile.

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Contract Spirit

 Spirit of contract has always been the core idea of the company, transparency and trustworthiness are important support forces for our step by step growth.

Safe & Efficient

We confidently confirm that our own huge supply chain can meet all your needs, which is the most lowest cost, the highest efficiency, the most safe and reliable.

Customer First

No client is too big, too small or too challenging for us. From sending a delivery to a fully loaded truck, or managing your fulfillment needs, we can meet your needs.

Our Services

If you want a speedy, reliable, customizable, and affordable service for your air freight and logistic requirements, then don’t delay. Please contact us today. You are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction when you choose our services.

Air Freight

For over 10 years, Goshippers has been one of the leading forces in the international air shipping and logistics industry thanks to the commitment of providing nothing short of proficiency for customers seeking specified air shipping requirements. We are not an ordinary air transportation company as you will learn when acquiring our services. Our company operates from a strategic location in the USA and offers the most customizable and cost-effective expedited air shipping in and out of the country.

Ocean Freight

We ensures that our customers receive complete satisfaction of on-time deliveries across the high seas, our ocean freight shipping experts will advise you on the best shipping pattern based on your specifications. With the dedication and ongoing support provided by our team and partners located around the world, we are better equipped to provide our clients with fully customizable, ocean freight services at affordable rates. Our team of in-house supply professionals can also advise you on the most efficient manner of conducting your business.

Road Freight

We already know that you require optimum efficiency and professionalism for your Inland Transportation needs, be it your budgets, location, or time constraints. So we supply you with an array of streamlined features when you want the most reliable and cost-effective domestic trucking and inland transportation services that span every city in the USA and elsewhere. Hence, you can look forward to enlisting the help of a high-quality and efficient inland road freight partner that acts as an all-in-one solution for all of your logistics requirements.


We are dedicated to the cause of providing our clients all their warehousing, distribution, and consolidation needs at all airports and seaports.We offer our clients a plethora of one-stop supply chain services to choose from, be it from flight to the airport to address, or from ship to port to store. We also understand that the success of your supply chain business relies upon our promptness and efficiency, which is why we strive to provide our global clients with speed, flexibility, and reliability with moving their cargo, hands down.

Procurement Logistics

At its core, procurement logistics is the sourcing of materials needed to manufacture products. In other words, this part of the supply chain focuses on purchasing raw materials, replacement parts, auxiliary supplies, operating supplies and other items needed for the manufacturing process to work. Our procurement logistics team is  responsible for product sourcing and selection policies, terms and conditions, communication and purchasing strategies to help keep the cost of acquisition as low as possible.

Customs Clearance

Before shipping various goods, a shipper may wonder what customs clearance means and how it’s relevant to their shipping options. Every international ocean freight shipment must meet the quota of customs clearance in each country. Customs clearance is a necessary procedure in permitting goods that are transported to a country through an authorized customs broker like us. Within this process, there’s also information regarding shipments with imports and exports with parties involved in the process. We that excellently.

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